About null.video

Null.video a publisher of Short format drama series. We´re based in Oslo, Norway.
If you have a short film, short form-pilot (comedy, drama, docu), a music score or a fantastic script that fits our format, feel free to send us an email with a link to it, on a file sharing service like Dropbox or Weshare. We will only respond to material that fits our current profile, no need to submit material multiple times or follow up.
Please specify all rights relating to the property.
Commercial partnerships
Does your brand fit null.video or in one of our series? Let’s partner up!
Send us an email: partner@null.video
Do you want your music featured in a null.video series?
Please specify the rights for the music in the email; composer, label, artists, management.
Send us an email: music@null.video
Do you want to be considered as an actor in a null.video series?
Please include a link to showreel, imdb page, and social media profiles (with current amount of followers).
Send us an email: casting@null.video
Should null.video’s next short format drama series be made from your idea or script?
Send us an email: contribute@null.video